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06 January 2010

Massachusetts Special Election ALERT: Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley

          Martha Coakley on the ISSUES.        Scott Brown on the ISSUES.

Massachusetts Special Election to Replace Ted Kennedy:
January 19, 2010

Coakley - Brown Debate Overview HERE.

Bottom line: Martha Coakley is a progressive liberal democrat along the lines of Nancy Pelosi. She will fight for unrestricted abortion, government controlled health care, big government, overall weakness of American foreign policy and cap & trade.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll on the race, Brown is within striking distance and has a chance to win. A win here would mean the removal of Paul Kirk (Ted Kennedy's stand-in) and the loss of a critical single vote on the merged health reform bills.

See Rasmussen polling data HERE.

How to support Scott Brown:

1. Contact anyone you know living in Massachusetts and make sure they know the facts and will get out an vote. If they will be out of town let them know how to do the absentee ballot.

2. Oddly enough, it was Democrat Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill that said "All politics is local". So true. What happens in this race will effect every person in America and bring national events to a micro-level in every village, town, city and state in the nation. PLEASE GET INVOLVED. As a non-Massachusetts resident you can support Scott Brown by sending him money in support of the ideals and courage that made this nation great and provided for the inalienable rights and liberties available nowhere in the world today but in America.

To support Scott Brown by clicking HERE NOW.

3. Contact all family and friends and let them know of the importance of this race. Ask them to help support Scott Brown's campaign. Send them this posting by clicking the Share It button at the bottom of the post and then click and enter their email addresses.

4. Pray of Scott Brown and all who have the courage to fight for our rights and liberties.


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