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21 January 2010

America's Uninsured - government run healthcare statistically more deadly than no insurance ..


The Dwindling Uninsured
Malcolm A. Kline, January 20, 2010
"..... Nor is public insurance the silver bullet its proponents claim it to be, at least not in the manner in which they advertise it. “While the involuntarily uninsured were 7.1 percent more likely to die than the average,those with public insurance were 17.4 percent more likely to die than the average, with a death rate of 29.3 percent in 2002 and 39.7 percent in 2006,” Holt reported. “Those with public insurance were ten percent more likely to die than those who are involuntarily insured,” O’Neill said. (emphasis mine)

In fact, Americans do better with their patchwork system of health care than other nationalities do with “comprehensive” coverage. “Many European countries have organized screening programs, whereas the U. S. approach is relatively decentralized,” another team of researchers reported in the December 2009 issue of Health Affairs of international efforts at cancer detection.
“Many European countries, unlike the United States, also impose upper age limits on screening.” (emphasis mine) .... read more

note: "upper age limits on screening" is RATIONING of healthcare.

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