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13 January 2010

Dr. Zilda Arns: Heroine for A Culture of Peace Lost In Haitian Earthquake Brazilian, Dr. Zilda Arns Neumann, pediatrician and founder of Children’s Pastoral and Pastoral Care of the Elderly, was among those killed in the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Founder and director of one of Brazils most important NGOs, Zilda Arns' work focused on the monitoring of infants, children, and pregnant women. Her work resulted in a sharp decrease in infant mortality, both in Brazil and around the world. It was on just such a mission that she would end her life helping others in Haiti yesterday. Born in 1934 in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Dr. Zilda Arns was the mother of five chidren (four of whom survive her), and eight grandchildren. She was the sister of Dom Pauolo Evaristo Arns and Chrysostom.

Dedicated to helping children and women who struggle with extreme poverty and difficulties that go along with that, Zilda Arns coordinated over 155, 000 volunteers in Brazil with the Pastoral of the Child organization. When asked once if she thought she had a struggle breaking through barriers in the labor market because of her gender, she described never wanting gender to make a difference. She noted however, that she was passed over for higher and more important positions early in her career while working in Curitiba. She remarked, “Perhaps men have some limitations to find the capacity of women.” ... more

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