In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell

03 November 2009

Oasis of Thought - Your First Amendment Rights

Cas Sunstein (Obama’s Regulation czar)  and Mr. Obama intend to fully regulate the internet and police content via the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement. They also plan to do away with net neutrality meaning quality of service (or possible lack of quality of service) is the same for all of us. This means that, even if we are willing to pay for high-speed access, we will all get what the government prescribes a adequate for us “people”.

This is important for several reasons:

1. The internet has filled in where major media has failed in providing balanced, factual news. This does not mean that all internet news is “truth” or accurate. It does mean that we, the people, are able to get information and judge for ourselves on its “truth and accuracy”.

2. If, through regulation of the internet, the government over-sees all private networks, they then have access to our private communications, thoughts and ideas at every router point located in the US.

3. If the government over-sees private networks (similar to the way they over-see the auto and financial, including insurance, i.e. AIG, industries now) then they will over-see internet transport providers as well as local ISPs.

4. Cas Sunstein and Mr. Obama’s cabinet and advisors feel that the internet is running rampant and is chaotic – and therefore need organization (regulation).

5. We are an intelligent, educated, truthful people. We can decide for ourselves what is a truth and what is a lie. We do not need our thoughts, ideas or news filtered.

The internet grew from ARPANET which was primarily a government funded research tool. The intent was to connect diverse networks to share ideas and communications. It went from there to private access and the ubiquitous service we all rely on called “the internet”.

The concept of sharing networks is as old as civilization. It has been the basis for commerce, communications, family and economic growth. The internet is an “oasis” of thoughts and ideas. Our modern internet (networks) are used precisely for the same reasons that desert nomads used oasis’. They were way-points for trade, food, story-telling, .thought and sharing of the arts and literature. Regulation of our networks will ultimately lead to regulation of these basic human needs.

Also, regulation invariably means taxation. You may not realize it, but you are already taxed on internet access via heavy regulation of telcos – the largest owners of the fiber and copper lines to your homes and businesses. However, the “big” tax Washington is interested in is sales tax for online purchases at sites like eBay – itself a very successful oasis. Face Book, Myspace and the others like them are also incredible oasis’ of family and thought.

Sorry for running on with this. The internet has been a big part of my life since the early 80’s and I have helped build and watched it grow into the incredible tool it is today.

What to do:

1. Be aware and watch what they are doing –

2. Email write or fax your senators and representatives (both parties) letting them know that this is not acceptable and that you will be voting in 2010 (go to OPENCONGRESS.ORG for senator & representative contact information)

3. Let your friends and family know what is being planned for the internet.

.... more to come on this over the next few days and months.

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